Sex Dream

What Your Frequent Sex Dreams Really Mean

Dreaming of having sex with someone is very normal especially when your period is nearing (for females), you are missing having sex, or your life is getting dull. It’s your subconscious mind telling you that you are missing the thrill and the wonderful feeling of living the life with a partner.

Sex with a total stranger

There are several meanings to frequent sex dreams like having sex with a total stranger and, surprisingly, you give in. This type of dream tells you that your current sex life or love life is failing. This may also means that you are looking for something new and adventurous. It is also an indicator that you still haven’t met your sexual desire, the one you want to happen in real life. Such desire can only be achieved in your dream, especially if you cannot speak about it to your partner, because your mind is powerful and controlling when dreaming. There are instances when you may think the person in your dream might be your soul mate. Maybe true, maybe not.  Often, you may feel this when you’re in a rocky relationship.

Sex with your ex

Sex with your ex is another common frequent sex dream. It could be an indicator that your ex is thinking of you. It could also means that you are subconsciously thinking of your ex in terms of what you had before, the feeling of being together, and the things you both were passionate about. Another possibility of having this kind of sex dream is that, your current relationship is dry and tasteless. Your inner self is wandering through your past life to ease your sulking emotion. Loneliness, for example, is making the dream possible because a person needs to secrete happy and fulfilling hormones just to be sane again.

Sex with a celebrity

How about having sex with a celebrity? This sex dream could mean that you wanted to be known or have a connection in the entertainment world to meet the celebrity you are drooling over. Or, prior to sleeping, you are thinking about that celebrity and desiring that she/he will be next to you in the bed. Real fantastic because this could make you feel important and well loved even after you wake up. And this is what is lacking on you in real life, the feeling of being special, beautiful and well loved.

Sex dream with one of your family members

Having sex dream with one of your family members may sound freaky but in reality it is not. It could be a sign that you need to be attached with that family member of yours. Talk to him/her because this dream may be signaling you that something is going on with that person. This may also have something to do with you. Maybe you need something from him/her. Analyze your current real life situation and you will find the answer.

Sex with a gay

Gay sex is also a weird frequent sex dream in case you are a straight person. This doesn’t mean you are subconsciously gay, you are just dreaming of your personal traits. For example, you are dreaming of a female-on-female sex and you on the top pumping. This means that in your waking life, you are an assertive and dominant kind of person. You want or wanted to control most of the situations including bed situation. This could also mean that you are thinking of changing your personality from timid to a bolder one. If you dream of having sex with a close friend of the same gender, it means you recently had an emotional attachment to him/her and in waking life you wanted to be a comforting friend. But, if you’re a real gay and you dream of these gay sex dreams, there is a great chance that you like or liking the person in your dream.

A partner having sex with someone

What if you dream of your partner having sex with someone else you don’t know or you know? Upon waking up in the morning, you will immediately tell yourself that your partner is cheating on you. But before you ruin your day and come up with a conclusion, ask yourself if you and your partner had a misunderstanding the past few days, your partner is acting cold on you or, if both of you were busy and already forgetting to stay real connected to each other. These factors may be the reason why you are having this dream. Maybe you and your partner need to bring back the intimacy and affection. Maybe you both are lacking of attention. But, if you are a female and your intuition barely missed, then you might be right in your conclusion that your partner is cheating on you. Sometimes these are signals from heaven to check your relationship status.