Top 7 Compliments Women Can’t Resist

Being a pro in flirting means you can get whoever woman you want in just a snap, in any given place, occasion or situation. It’s a talent not every man has. But it is something that anyone could develop, like an inner sleeping talent. The secret? It is on how you compliment women and how you execute it.

If you are new to the flirting game, just wanted to be a completing person, or wanted to reinvigorate your relationship, here are the top seven compliments that women cannot resist:

  1. Emphasize her femininity. There is nothing more complimenting to a woman than emphasizing how feminine she is. Start by noticing her gesture, how you love her smile and her eyes, how you are moved every time she fixes her hair, and how you are mesmerized by her smell. Don’t start by saying she is hot because this may signal something disrespectful.
  2. Say you like the way she talk. Woman is being empowered when you say this. It will make her speak more and have more conversation with you. It only means that you understand her and you are enjoying her company. Women are very vocal and expressive so it’s a good thing that she knows she makes sense to you.
  3. Praise her works. A working woman is an independent woman and knows want she does. If you praise her on how good she works: be it her arts, her writings or any particular talent she have, you will get her attention.
  4. Tell her she is funny. The best way to start a compliment is by saying how funny she is and how she can make you laugh and feel light. If you know she has a sense of humor and she feel validated, then she’s yours. Being funny is something that can be sweet, sexy and sassy. And every woman wants to date a man who also has sense of humor.
  5. Say she is beautiful in that dress. Depending on how you deliver, some guys are not sincere or attaching naughty meaning to this, but this one is still in. A woman spends a lot of hours just to look beautiful and sleek. Complimenting her look is an old time weapon that could make you win her.
  6. Say she is beautiful even without wearing a makeup. Be honest. Women are still beautiful even without wearing a makeup. Saying this to her will boost her self-esteem and confidence. This can signal her that you are a simple guy and your intention is clean. This will also make her comfortable seeing you even in those ugly days.
  7. Tell her any man will be lucky to have her in an honest way. If you feel that the woman is really one of a kind and worthy, then tell her with all sincerity that she is a gem. This will make her feel special and well complimented. This will also draw her eyes on you.

Not all women are used to compliments. Not all of them are accepting and can be easily convinced. Some already heard the compliments, some don’t. So, don’t be aggressive and study the traits of each and every woman you are about to meet so you will successful.