How to meet ladyboys in Hong Kong

A lot of visitors to this Chinese city wonder what it would be like to date a ladyboy. Some even come with that as their goal. Once here, though, you might be at a loss as to what to do. The best places to meet ladyboys in the dynamic Asian metropolis are events targeting trans people, drag brunches, and drag shows. Of course, they are far from the only ways to date a Hong Kong ladyboy.

Having options is always a good thing. With so many trans women in Hong Kong, you’re sure to find the right one for you. Trans dating websites are a popular way to meet people too.

The city is home to trans-friendly groups like the Harmonics, a community choir creating a friendly and inclusive environment. The group’s name reflects an effort to achieve communication and interaction between different community sectors, including the city’s vocal LGBT supporters.

Most of the ladyboys here in Hong Kong are not local. You’ll meet people from Thailand, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries. Chinese ladyboys are a minority. In Hong Kong, the drag scene is huge. In Asia, drag shows tend to be something of a rarity, but this city is an exception. The trans movement is alive and kicking here!

We aren’t sure whether there simply are a lot of drag queens in the city or if they only travel to perform here. There are also quite a few ladyboy shows. Drag Domination was a famous event a while back. In its aftermath, it seemed like the whole world stood up and took notice of Hong Kong’s LGBT community.

It may be a small one, but it’s very active in every way. The point is, you can meet lots of ladyboys at events like DD. You can see the full list of upcoming trans-friendly events here. There really are a lot of them. What’s more, they take place all year round.

If you hit it off with the woman you meet, you can develop a relationship. Eventually, you might even find that you’ve met the woman of your dreams.

Going out and attending events isn’t for everyone. We know that. Some people worry about being seen in public at a trans-friendly event, especially foreigners in Hong Kong, and it’s understandable. The atmosphere in the city is tolerant and accepting, but there is still the shyness and anxiety.

Turning to the internet is an obvious and expected move. After all, you can meet more ladyboys in an hour than in a month of visiting events or going to clubs and bars. You can chat to get to know someone and then meet in person. Websites can help guys looking to meet trans women in this Chinese city more than anything else.